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$89 for an ESA or PSD letter, $139 for both, and $10 extra, if a landlord requests a verification form to be completed (which occurs about 10% of the time). $59 for annual renewal.

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Despite what other websites offer, the ADA and DOJ does not require additional certifications, registries or ID Cards.



Usually 6-12 hours.



100% Money Back Guarantee if landlord does not accept letter.



Legitimate and adherent to california guidelines


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Steps To Attain Letter(s)

1- Complete a free assessment at the START HERE prompt below.


2- After assessment submission you will receive a consent form to sign electronically via email.


3- You will be contacted by a mental health professional for a consultation.


4- If APPROVED you will be sent a payment link in order to complete order and receive letter.

Your letter will be on Official letterhead with your provider’s contact information and state licensing number.

Choosing Which Is Right For You:



Provides owner with emotional support and may live with the disabled person even if your living space has a “no pets” policy. Many animals can qualify as ESA’s. Benefits of living with your ESA, may include allowance to living in a housing unit that otherwise does not allow animals, as well sometimes waiving pet rent related fees associated with your housing development.



Specific to dogs. They can be brought into public establishments and most flights/ hotels. A PSD should be trained by their owner or an organization to perform a specific task(s), to help the owner with their disability. The list of ADA recognized disabilities for California ESA’s and PSD’s may include a wide array of physical disabilities as well as mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression, ADHD, PTSD etc…



**IF RENEWING, please follow the prompts within that selection and you will be contacted by your provider ASAP. (Note that if renewing for an ESA dog, you do not have to wait 30 days)

Real California ESA offers legitimate services, which adhere to California law. Services of Real California ESA are fair and transparently priced for residents in the state of California seeking a written letter approved by a mental health professional for an Emotional Support Animal, Psychiatric Service Dog or both.


Many similar services are not legitimate as they may claim to provide you with an ESA letter for your dog ASAP. In CA you must wait 30 days before you can receive a California Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letter specifically for your dog(s) as per a statute that went into effect in 2022. Emotional Support Animal letters for cats do not have to wait the 30 days and can be attained much faster, if a client qualifies. California Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) letters also not have to wait for 30 days to be acquired

Emotional Support Animal Law (ESA) California

The recognition of Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) as vital components of mental and emotional well-being has been established through specific legal frameworks.

These laws are designed to protect the rights of individuals requiring the support of ESAs and to delineate the processes involved in obtaining such support legitimately.

Real California ESA stands at the forefront of providing residents with fair, transparent, and law-abiding services to obtain an ESA letter, critical for those seeking the companionship of an Emotional Support Animal or a Psychiatric Service Dog.

California ESA

The state of California has been a pioneer in acknowledging the importance of Emotional Support Animals in the lives of those facing mental and emotional challenges.

California ESA laws are tailored to ensure that individuals benefiting from the support of ESAs can do so within a legal framework that respects their needs while ensuring public safety and awareness.

Real California ESA emerges as a beacon of reliability and integrity in this domain, offering services that are not only in strict adherence to California laws but also aimed at demystifying the process of acquiring an ESA letter for residents.

ESA Dog California

For dog owners, the term ESA Dog California signifies more than just companionship; it represents a pathway to mental and emotional equilibrium.

Real California ESA acknowledges this profound bond between dogs and their owners by facilitating the acquisition of the ESA Dog California letter. This documentation is essential for qualifying dogs, cats, and other animals as ESAs.

The process is transparent and follows the stipulated California ESA laws to the letter.

ESA Dog California letter

Obtaining an ESA Dog California letter through Real California ESA is a process marked by integrity and adherence to California’s legal stipulations.

Unlike many services promising immediate ESA certification, Real California ESA informs its clients about the necessary 30-day waiting period for dogs, a requirement set forth by a 2022 statute. This ensures that every ESA letter issued is legitimate and beneficial for those who truly need the support of their dogs for emotional and mental health reasons.

Real California ESA is dedicated to guiding California residents through the ESA certification process, ensuring that every step from initial inquiry to receiving an ESA Dog California letter is smooth, transparent, and legal.

Whether it’s understanding the distinctions of California ESA housing laws or steering the requirements for a Psychiatric Service Dog, Real California ESA is a trusted ally.

The role of ESAs in California cannot be overstated, and Real California ESA plays a pivotal part in ensuring that residents of California can leverage this support system within the bounds of the law. From providing clarity on ESA California laws to facilitating the issuance of an ESA Dog California letter, their services are a testament to their commitment to mental health advocacy and legal compliance.

Real California ESA embodies the spirit of California’s ESA laws by providing an essential service that respects both the legal framework and the individual needs of those it serves.

With a commitment to transparency, legality, and compassion, Real California ESA ensures that residents seeking the support of an Emotional Support Animal can do so with confidence and peace of mind.

Whether it’s through obtaining an ESA Dog California letter or directing the complexities of California ESA housing laws, Real California ESA is a steadfast ally in the journey toward mental and emotional well-being.

FAQs: Emotional Support Animal Law (ESA) California

The ESA rule in California mandates that individuals requiring an Emotional Support Animal must obtain a legitimate ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional. This rule is designed to protect the rights of individuals with mental or emotional disabilities while ensuring that the privileges are not misused.


To obtain an ESA letter in California, one must consult with a licensed mental health professional who can evaluate their need for an Emotional Support Animal. Real California ESA offers services that connect residents with professionals for such evaluations, ensuring the process is in line with California ESA laws.

Getting your dog ESA certified in California involves obtaining an ESA Dog California letter from a licensed mental health professional, certifying your need for an Emotional Support Animal. Real California ESA assists in this process, providing a transparent and lawful service.

The ability to bring an emotional support dog to work in California depends on your employer’s policy. While ESA laws provide some protections, employers are not universally required to accommodate ESAs in the workplace.

The new law for ESA in California, enacted in 2022, introduced a mandatory 30-day waiting period for obtaining an ESA letter for dogs, aimed at ensuring the legitimacy of ESA requests. Real California ESA adheres to this statute, offering guidance and services that comply with the latest legal requirements.

Yes, an employer can deny an emotional support animal in California if accommodating the ESA would impose an undue hardship on the operation of the business or if the presence of the ESA poses a safety or health risk.